Mikael Sandblom: Clocks and Clouds

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Clocks and Clouds

The title Clocks and Clouds comes from the philosopher Karl Popper. He used these two metaphors to describe different types of systems. Clocks represent systems that are highly predictable and stable. The cause predicts the effect. Clouds are an example of systems that are unpredictable - chaotic. I, along with many others, tend to approach the world from too much from the clockwork point of view. I want this work to serve as an antidote to over-rational thinking. Think of them as visual koans.

This series of paintings sets a goal of creating a contemplative space for the viewer. Images of clouds, watch parts and construction sites (ruins in reverse) are combined into well balanced compositions. The use of recognizable subject matter invites interpretation and yet a precise fixed meaning is elusive.

The paintings do not coalesce into 'messages'. Instead, they invite the viewer to apply their own meaning and interpretation. They are windows that invite the viewer to momentarily adopt a contemplative state of mind.